Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Sunday in Somerset

I was given a day pass and so made the most of it on Sunday last.  Bird-wise July and August are pretty quiet as many of the songsters are now quiet and will soon skulk around as they moult.  Also I live too far from the coast to watch the birds on cliffs or out at sea.

However I did still spot a great white egret, marsh harriers and hobbies, plus scores of swifts and other common birds.  To make up for the quietness I was on the hunt for interesting insects.  The highlights were three firsts for me in the UK: a hummingbird hawk moth, a white admiral and a silver washed fritillary. In addition there were dragonflies and damselflies everywhere.

Here are my piccies:

Silver-washed fritillary

Large skipper butterfly

Southern hawker dragonfly

Grass snakes

Herons - blurred or arty...you decide!

Honeysuckle - food for the fritillary above