Sunday, 27 July 2014

South West Coast Path

A cliff top walk also the SW Coast path to the small peninsula NW of Mortehoe and the predictable, but delightful, locals were in residence, watching the fisherman and also being slightly distracted by the air-sea rescue helicopter practicing manoeuvres.

Honeysuckle in flower along the coastal path
Spot the seal (top right)

As we sat on a bench for a few moments the helicopter decided to carry out a test landing in front of us - yes they really were that close as I only have a 10x magnification on my camera!  We thought it best to sit still until they had finished...

Baking Braunton Burrows in mid-Summer

ITS probably just coincidence or serendipity but whenever we go to Braunton Burrows in north Devon its believably hot.  As part of a camping trip in early July whilst the better half sat on the beach I took the opportunity to go exploring the dunes, as the temperature soared.

The sand piles up into huge dunes held together with marram grasses.  This site is a national nature reserve and is a wonderful example of dynamic dunes communities where the shifting sands with poor soils and often drying conditions makes the growing conditions for the plants quite challenging.  There are also damp hollows with diverse marsh vegetation, including marsh helleborines, that were yet to flower.

Once past the grasping brambles the vegetation opens up with a spectacular show of flowering vetches, particularly restharrow, with evening primroses, Viper's-bugloss and pyramidal orchids:

Common centaury
Sea bindweed

Mid-July lovelies

A couple of mid-July lovelies from the Somerset Levels a few weekends ago: a green veined-white butterfly and a darter (common?):

The hobbies were on the wing and the grebes appeared to be still interested in nesting, surprisingly late and also slightly precariously...