Saturday, 30 May 2015

Damselflies in our garden

WHETHER it's our pond that attracts them or not, these wonderful small red damselflies found it a conducive place to...well you their thing. Fortunately I'm not so sentimental to point out that they create a red heart shape during their coupling, as that would just be soppy.  The male is to the left\below.

Castle Combe - more photos

Our trip to West Yatton Down last week took us through the beautiful ByBrook Valley, where banded damoiselles defended their small river bank territories and mayflies did their best to avoid the feeding trout.  In the woodlands hanging on the valley sides the ramsons were in full flower and amongst the limestone grasslands hawthorn is still out, with its musty blooms.


Small skipper

Monday, 25 May 2015

More Exmoor

THERE were a few images which I left off my recent Exmoor post, but thought worthy of showing; they are common species, but I enjoyed capturing them in spite of that: