Saturday, 28 November 2015

A blustery and cold day on the Levels

TODAY we ventured out, in-spite of the uninspiring weather forecast - which unfortunately was cruelly accurate...

Before the rain and wind fully set in, we visited the RSPB's Grey Lake reserve - open, wild and wet.  The highlight was the enormous flock of green and golden plovers; disturbed by some hidden or perceived danger they wheeled around in the grey sky, filling the air above our heads with flapping wings and scything shadows.


Near the hides, where the willows provide a muddy carr, a number of water rails tiptoed and skulked, seeking out a tasty morsel 

In the car park the bird tables, stocked with seeds by visitors, attracts multiple buntings, tits, robins, starlings and finches.

Reed bunting
We then headed off to RSPB Ham Wall, before the rain came.  At the brand new Avalon Hide two or three marsh harriers were seen hunting over the reeds and occasionally dropping down out of sight - maybe making a kill.  A single great white egret hunted from the edge of the reeds and winter ducks slept, upended or dabbled.


 It was great to be out, but we were quite glad to call it a day at 3pm.