Friday, 20 February 2015

Targets in Somerset

I'M on the hunt; this year I've set myself some wildlife challenges - one of them is to photograph a bearded reedling (aka bearded tit) on the Somerset Levels.

I came close last weekend and did actually get to hear one pink pinking away, having followed a lead from another birder, but no sightings this time...

There were numerous other lovely species around.  I had a great view of a peregrine falcon flying low over the heads of an elderly couple, walking in front of me clutching their bins - they were oblivious.  Also great white egrets, goosanders, kingfisher, winter ducks to name a few.

I did manage to get quite a decent long distance shot of a water rail.  The reported short-eared owl was nowhere to be seen.  I did see a Siberian chiff-chaff for the first time, however I must admit that I did not realize that it was one until the same friendly birder above told me so - I had a blurred photo to confirm its ID too.

Glasto Tor

Water rail

Reed bunting female