Saturday, 22 December 2012

Previous weekends

THE last few weekends have been nice enough to visit to the Somerset Levels and Castle Combe, without the need to don all over water proofs!  A few piccies from these visits:

Evening sun beams
Someone with too much time on their hands - but a sense of humour at least...
Two marsh harriers
Spot the kingfisher!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Frozen Saturday

SATURDAY morning was spectacular and cold.  There was a pink sunrise and the moon loomed large on the horizon - time to get the camera out I thought.  I donned many layers and headed southwest out of town.

There is a steep road called Brassknocker Hill (don't ask me why) coming out of Bath and it is the only true switchback that I know of in the area.  It made a great subject for a composite photo:

I descended the hill, crossed the A36, through Limpley Stoke and onto the valley in which the beautiful village of Freshford lies - it was gripped by frost.

It took an hour before the sun reached the valley floor and that nearly outstretched my patience... but not quite I am glad to say.

I was quite pleased to see a pair of little grebes on the river, plus an indignant heron and some startled mallards.  Three pied wagtails were flitting around the icy meadow seeking insects and seeds I walked to the corner of the filed, through an artistically styled gate and along the edge Avoncliffe Wood.  A fallen tree give me a great view of a polypody fern.

Polypody Fern