Sunday, 19 October 2014

More Wonderful Somerset Orchards

THERE are lots of wonderful orchards in beautiful Somerset.  We chose one our favorite areas today: around Lambrook to go for a walk (apologies to those who tried this link before as it did not work - Doh!).

A number of the orchards are now empty of apples (obviously harvested), but in most you could not easily walk due to apples lying everywhere over the ground; the trees were also burgeoning full of hanging fruit.

There were a number of fungi, butterflies and clumps of mistletoe to add variety.

Our walk was a circular one and included horse paddocks, cultivated fields, hedgerows and hills. Along the way we found this rather nice fresh print - looks like a badger to me:

There was one field with some very serious fairy rings - with these field mushrooms:

We are planning to go back in spring...

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