Thursday, 1 April 2010

No April Fool - took the day off just in case

I had a day off work today before Easter, and dodged the showers.  Birding can be very sociable, meeting like-minded people, however just occasionally you meet people who don't know when you want to watch wildlife in peace...ho hum.

Saw three squabbling marsh-harriers, heard booming bittern, saw loads of sand martins and my first swallows of the year chattering away (to me personally I like to think). Chiff-chaffs were singing last week, but this week also heard my first willow warblers, with their golden liquid cadence of a song.  Great-crested grebes where doing their courting dance in a sort of half hearted way too.

Here are today's efforts:

 Roe deer

 Willow warblers

Also came across a slow worm basking and one under corrugated iron again with an adder.


  1. Sounds like a great day! Carla

  2. mmm, the adder and the slow worm sharing territory again, have you found this often before and does the adder ever get tempted to eat the slow worm? just wondering...
    skillful photo of the warbler...

  3. I only discovered the three spp (with grass snake) at this location at the end of last year. This last week has been the first time this year that I have reaquainted myself with our slithery friends. So in my experience so far they are always both present. I read about the predation, but have no personnal experience to back it up. I'll have to see if the spp are all thier as the year goes on or whether the adder just gets fat!


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