Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Two birds

Birding and plants are my biggest interests, although everything else wildlife is good.   I also quite like history, geology, landscape photography and archaeology too, but one doesn't want to spread oneself too thinly does one!.

Here are two birdy pictures from last weekend - a great-crested grebe and a mute swan.  My camera is absolutely at its limit taking birds cos I can't afford a lens the size of my right arm, and frankly I am not sure I want to be seen out with one either!

I particularly like their reflections.

I use a Canon EOS 500D with a 18-200mm Canon lens which is great, but of course just as I bought that model the EOS 550 popped its head up on the market.  For you guys over the pond this is the Rebel series from Canon.  Its the old conundrum - buy now or wait for ever for the next model....

Incidentally even though those big camera lens are totally vulgar, I am starting to get lens envy...and don't start me on binocular and 'scope envy!!!

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