Monday, 19 May 2014

A Wessex Weekend

THIS weekend's exploits included Iford Manor, Wiltshire, Arne and Swanage in Dorset and finally a visit to a valley just south of Castle Combe, Wiltshire (the next blog). We certainly put the miles in.

It is hard not to be charmed by the chirpy and constantly active grey wagtail like this one on the river by the Manor.  Here the wagtail is close to the water, chasing after the many insects swarming around the surface.

The bridleways are now full of white cow parsley, hawthorn blossom and ramsons.  This is a composite photo:

At the wonderful Dorset coast the colour of the sea was amazing and the bright thrift flowering on the cliff tops was a sight.

Near Swanage there is quite a healthy breeding seabird population, including a number of guillemots.   This guy was taking a bath and looked quite hilarious.

A chirping green finch caught my attention as they seem to have become quite scarce around us.  It did not make up for the lack of Dartford warbler at Arne though.

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  1. Charming photos, as ever. I've never seen a guillemot do anything like that before!


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