Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dodging the showers

IT rained today - I don't know whether you noticed - we did, but hides make quite good shelters....  What could the caption for this photo be do you think?: 

Fortunately, for most of the time the rain held off and the sun brought out the insects and hundreds of swifts, with many swallows and martins.  Its quite tricky to photograph swifts - they are a classic example of - "oh so nearly"

The long wait paid off - the nightingale sang its heart out and so reveled its position.  Its song carried well over the water, even on this windy day.

All the other warblers were singing loudly - not least this white throat.

We saw our first large dragonfly, newly emerged and plenty of damselflies.  A few hobbies and bitterns showed up too, along with a close cuckoo, and a few birds of prey.

These slow-worms were the only reptiles seen however, but were nonetheless a welcome sight:

This beautiful green-veined white butterfly certainly seemed quite hindered by the adverse weather.


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