Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunshine singers & badger intruder

THE warmth of the sun today not only quickly cleared the frost, but also encouraged the birds to sing their territorial songs - an early hint of spring.  In an urban garden north of London, I heard 2 male dunnocks singing to each other, a rasping greenfinch, blue tits and a robin.  I am sure that there were others but I fell back to sleep!

On Saturday starlings and a song thrush were loud and clear in the south west

What have you heard so far this year...?

...gosh I nearly forgot to mention...

Yesterday my neighbour very excitedly regaled me with the tale of a loud banging at his french windows early in the morning (1am?).  He was really surprised to see a badger up against the glass!  I was thrilled.  We have had one night where badger type holes appeared in the garden, and on Friday I found that something strong had tried to dig under the shed.  I assumed that it was a neighbour's dog or an urban fox - but I guess not.  So tonight I have trained a remote camera on the spot and will check to see if our guest reappears...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Share Refusers

ALTHOUGH my blog is exclusively about my personal wildlife and landscape observations, I have broken the rule this time with this cartoon which  very nicely sums up where we are all  heading - "too often living life through a lens to validate our experiences"...

This cartoon has been copied from the Guardian and is by Stephen Collins.  The original is at: and was picked up by another blogger