Saturday, 10 April 2010

A wonderful spring day

Even though the biggest horse race of the year was run today, that was not enough to stop every dog owner in the area going out - I suppose its selfish to think that we should have this glorious countryside to ourselves.

It has been the warmest day in 2010 so far, and we chose a walk in the Cotswolds near Uley.  Here the majestic beech woodlands tower over deep, lush limestone valleys.  The countryside was a picture with limestone villages bursting with blossom and daffodils.
Primroses and lesser celandine


The sun also bought out the woodland flowers (wood anemone, wood sorrel, violets, primroses and lesser celandine) and the butterflies (such as commas, peacocks and brimstones), as well as some birds, such as chiff-chaffs singing heartily.

The primroses love the woodland edge and creep out into the fields.  They shine out like blobs of yellow-gold against the starkness of the bare trees, and can be seen from a considerable distance in their spreading clumps.

We also came across a couple of roe deer (with a buzzard gliding low over their heads for scenic effect) which regarded us suspiciously through the trees, but were reassured as we walked on without disturbing them.


Peacocks getting jiggy (These are tatty individuals that have overwintered as adults)

 Woodland floor carpetted in ramsons - aka wild garlic

Last year at this time I the woodland floor was a mass of bluebells - no sign of them yet apart from a few buds here and there.  Apparently we have to wait till mid-May this year for the peak - I can wait.

Not wildlife - just a typical village scene...

A good day to be in England - and we haven't even won the 2010 world cup yet!


  1. I love the woodland pictures. The primroses do not grow in nature here. They are so pretty in the wild. I'm glad you shared your walk with us. Carla


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