Monday, 26 April 2010

Bright sunshine, hard rain, repeat throughout the day...

Another visit to the wonderful Somerset Levels, but spent the day dodging the showers, some rather eccentric people and swarms of mozies

One chap sang arias as he walked around the nature reserve - now I appreciate culture, but this does not help when trying to steathiliy spot stuff.  Another group were certainly enjoying themselves - you could hear them miles away; however in the hide they whispered...where's the logic?  Ho hum.

 Rain...really hard rain

Pathway around a peat cutting lake

Whilst sheltering ina hide the main photo opportunities were birds in flight.  A pair of kingfishers proved to be too challenging, but some other species (basically the big birds) were easier and can be seen below.

Heron in flight

Greylag geese in flight



The wetlands support alder carr (wet woodland with alder as the main tree), lots of willows and areas of sedge, rushes and reeds.  The area also supports those ancient species which have not changed much single dinosaurs roamed the earth - namely ferns and horestails.

Unfurling royal ferns


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