Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lunchtime walk

It was too nice not to go out today, so sauntered along a riverside walk during the lunch hour.  I did my best to ignore the shopping trolley in the river and graffitti on the underpass, along this small urban nature reserve.

Nothing spectacular but lots of common butterflies on the wing, including the rather lovely yellow brimstone fluttering about.  Also enjoyed the singing willow warbler and chiff chaff.  Just occasionally, I can hear them whilst it sit at my desk - as long as the window is open and the gossip around the kettle is not too loud!  Also a male chaffinch can be clearly heard singing outside the gents - echoes quite well!  A mute swan was on one of the small ponds on the reserve busying itself with its nest - fussing with one stick at a time.  I expect that it is on eggs already - hope it does not mind the empty beer cans.

Tonight saw my first bat of the year - its close proximity to the river and its size suggests a Daubenton's- but this is really only a guess.

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  1. I had forgotten about the bats...I must start looking out for them around here. Hope this good weather continues.


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