Sunday, 15 January 2012


THIS year's first snap of cold weather saw me get out of my warm bed on a Saturday morning and catch the sunrise.  The temperature was -3.5C, which certainly stirs the blood and makes using a camera with metal bits rather unpleasant.  Anyway, here are my offerings of the valley south of Midford and some other views SW of Bath, England.

I drove around the lanes to Wellow - a beautiful Cotswold's stone village with a significant horsey presence...

A steaming pile of horse manure being picked over by a pheasant - yum!
There is a small ford at the bottom of the village with an orchard next to it -all rather idyllic:


  1. What beautiful pictures, looks very much like that here today too.

  2. An excellent account of a perfect winter's day. I love your images and our nearby downs looked just as magnificent as you beautifully illustrated.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell


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