Friday, 8 April 2011

Meadows, woodland, river, sun

I made the most of the amazing, sunny evening by visiting a local wildlife hotspot in Wiltshire where I was keen to capture the early spring flowers.

A favourite meadow species of mine is the cuckoo flower, which likes damp-ish old grassland, but can be found in new habitats too.  I was hoping to get the classic shot of an orange tip butterfly and was lucky enough to capture one just as I approached the only decent clump of flowers.  I waited a long time but the butterfly never returned after that single moment.

Orange-tip on cuckoo flowers

A bee-fly
Blackthorn blossom

The meadows lie next to the River Avon and the reflection in the water showed of the blackthorn blossom beautifully.  Iford Manor was also a great backdrop for other blossom bearing trees.

 Iford Manor, Wiltshire

The meadows abut a small limestone grassland slope, which is beautifully managed through careful grazing.  It supports numerous unimproved grassland specialities, including this green-winged orchid and cowslips

Green-winged orchid

Next to the grassland is a narrow strip of rich woodland, with a bridle path running through it.

Old coppiced oak

It is full of ramsons and bluebells, between the oaks and old hazel stools, along with a number of other ancient woodland indicators, such as yellow archangel.

Yellow archangel

 Orange tip on a bluebell


Cowslips along the woodland ride

Greater stitchwort sapping up the sunrays

Bluebells in the evening sun

The sun going down behind the old stone bridge


  1. Your photos are always so good...I really enjoy looking at them


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