Monday, 19 December 2011

Shaking off some early Christmas excess

I have already reached a point where exercise is critical for survival now its the party season.  A short walk in the southern extremities of the Cotswolds was enjoyed by the boss and me on Sunday last.  There is little wildlife to see at this time of year, but tramping up and down hills does you the world of good and helps justify that extra mince pie.

The frost had all but gone by the time we ventured out, but this mushroom was still capped with a thin layer of melting ice:

We have taken walks through these valleys many times.  There is flower rich grasslands, a wonderful stream with crayfish, dippers and even lampreys apparently.  Many of the slopes support beech woodland - in the winter sunshine the trunks of the trees literally shone:

Its very rare nowadays that we don't see buzzards as they nest locally - this time was no exception.

There are a number of small villages which are straight out of a fairy tale - this house nestling in the valley was not too shabby either!

One new feature were on the walk was a small holding, where some saddleback pigs have made a home - they were happy pigs...

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