Saturday, 11 August 2012

Barnes WWT, London - Pond Life

WE were in London for the Olympics (as you do!) and thought that it would be nice to visit Barnes.

This is probably the worst time to go for birds, as they have finished breeding and have dispersed, or are moulting out of sight.  However there were four black tailed godwits still in their warm summer plumage, lots of herons and a few little grebes...which was nice.

The highlight of the visit however were the huge swathes of wonderful purple loosestrife flowers which were super abundant across the reserve.  Also, beside these, were many flowering marginal water plants.  There were also a few dragonflies and damselflies zipping around.  One surprise was the number of basking common lizards (nice work Bryan and Pamela) that seemed quite used to humans as they stretched out on the sides of the board walk.

There is an educational room which gives a great sense of what it must be like to be a minnow in a pond - scary...

These are the flowery pictures - a botanical feast!:

Finally, common but photogenic baby moorhens:

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