Monday, 27 May 2013

Orchids at Clattinger Farm NR, Wiltshire

WE absolutely have to go to Clattinger Farm every year, at least once, to see the snake's -head fritillaries, or the orchids, on the wonderful unimproved meadows.

These fields are SOOO rich and have been a SSSI for many years.  Originally managed by a private landowner (with the support of English Nature and the careful and close attention of Russell Wright), the site is now owned and managed by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

The farm is grazed as part of a larger unit, by belted galloway cattle, and frankly it is stunning.  The grassland is rich with cowslips, burnet saxifrage, pepper saxifrage, oxeye daisies, bird's-foot trefoil, grasses etc etc. - truly amazing...

Yesterday's wonderful weather showed of the site at its best - but where was everyone else - free to visit, stunning countryside, idyllic in every way - hardly a single person there!!!  Our gain - their loss.

Early Marsh Orchid

Adder's tongue fern
Green-winged orchid

Alba variety

A feast for the eyes...don't you agree?

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  1. Wow...I have heard of the site but not yet visited. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics:)


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