Friday, 12 July 2013

Wellow wander

ONE wonderfully sunny evening this week we went for a walk around the beautiful village of Wellow, in northeast Somerset near Bath.  The walk drops down into the adjacent valley (you turn off next to the pub), takes you across the ford, along a byway, past a long-barrow and over the brook.  You then turn back towards the village and walk along side he brook  until finally you cross the fields and climb back up into the village again (see map below)

Its an easy walk and presents a number of highlights whenever you go.  This time the most exciting find was a pair of kingfishers nesting in the river bank - they were loud with their high pitched piping and regularly flew back to the nest to feed their young.

The Wellow Brook
Also of interest were a green woodpecker, bath asparagus flowering in good numbers and the first banded damoiselles of the year for me.   The only downside were the horseflies!

Bath asparagus
Green woodpecker
Water crowfoot - an indicator of a healthy river
Banded damoiselle damselfly

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