Saturday, 30 November 2013

A long cold wait pays off

TODAY on the Somerset Levels I visited a new area - new to me that it is.  This hide is away from the honeypots and takes some finding, however I was amply rewarded with my first sighting of an otter for ages.  He (?) was right in front of the hide (sorry Steve!), but I think that the noise that we made scared him off straight away so it was a very fleeting view.

So I waited with some others for ages and ages for another chance which never came, but focused instead on the other local star - a female kingfisher, who in the bright sunshine came very close....what a cracker!

However we had to wait for the wind to calm down before she fished near us, as the ripples made it hard for the bird to see the prey in the water - well worth the wait though...

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  1. Some quality captures there. I trust you had a great Christmas and I wish you a prosperous New Year, well into 2014 and beyond.


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