Monday, 30 December 2013

Otters and starlings

MY quest for otters continued today and again I struck lucky - it was too far away to photograph, but I clearly saw it porpoising across a lake on the levels.

I also went on to watch the thousands of starlings come into roost at Ham Wall RSPB nature reserve, but they split into two groups today and many flew straight overhead.  On a quick visit last week to the same site, the starlings all gathered into one enormous group and wowed all of us with their chattering and the swooshing of wings.



  1. What beautiful photo's - I've just been having an ottery time as I got Otter Country - in search of the wild otter, by Miriam Darlington for Christmas and it reminds me of when I carved my own otter in Soapstone. They always thrill don't they!

  2. Thanks. Yes - Ive read that book too - it opened my eyes to the likelihood of otters and actually seeking out the signs. On one of the first rivers I looked I found a spraint (north Somerset) and now regularly look. It also made me realise how hard it is to see them - although I knew this already. On the reserve mentioned above Ive had a 100% hit rate, but have only been there twice. Will take a look at your link. Happy New Year and good luck with the quest!

  3. Jennifer - Your sculptures are amazing - well done.


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