Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Exmoor landscape

IF I were to have a new year's resolution then it would be to be more descriptive, or wordy, on my blogs.  I was pleased to be included in the top 5 list of wildlife blogs on the Saga site (what that says about me I'm not sure as I'm no where near 50).  However its author mentioned that my blogs are a bit light on text - ho hum.  This is part laziness and part the assumption that most people can't be bothered to read much anyway.

Saga said (Oct 2013):

Wildlife enthusiast and ecologist , blogger Peter also runs the When to Watch Wildlife website, but this is his own, personal wildlife blog. It’s light on text but packed with gorgeous imagery that will make you want to jump on the first train to wherever he’s been recently. 

So here goes...:

OUR journey to north Devon included a short visit to Exmoor - it was largely a car tour as we were already tired from a long walk and the weather was very dicey.  The lanes were puddled with rain water and at one point I did a very long reverse up a narrow lane to let through a 4x4 and trailer - my clutch certainly complained!

I took a few pictures to capture the wonderful landscape as best as I could.  The first three are looking north towards Lynton and the sea.  Click on the first image to enlargen it and start a slideshow:


Calling at platform 2...

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