Sunday, 2 February 2014

One otter and millions of starlings

TODAY saw the launch of my new lens (yippee) and how better to christen it than on an otter watching afternoon.  The same location that has provided the last three otter sightings did not disappoint and yes - there he was again (sorry Gary).  Although only a quick and far off appearance, it leaves the killer shot of another day whilst maintaining my 100% record.

Along with a large number of others (including Martin Hughes-Games) and after a short visit to Catcott Lows I then went off to Ham Wall to watch the winter murmuration.

The day had been perfect throughout and the evening was bright and still.  The starlings took up a position some way off, but did provide a wonderful vision as they filled the sky towards Glastonbury Torr and thoughtfully flew out of the sunset and across the moon.

Great-crested grebe
The grebes were in their summer finery and the two individuals on the lake were chatting away to one another.

Long-tailed tit


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