Sunday, 23 February 2014

Great Crested Grebes know its spring

TODAY I was particularly hoping to capture the grebes' wonderful spring dance.

In their breeding finery the pairs drift around feeding whilst the male calls out with a sound that is a mixture of a bark and a honk - it resonates across the water with an eeriness which is hard to describe.  The call states his territorial intentions and seems to do it for the ladies too!

Just occasionally the couple go face to face and bob and turn their heads to the prelude to the main event.  They then seemingly lose interest and both dive off to gather weed.  Finally they swim back together and rise breast to breast in exultation, waving their weedy trophies in the air whilst they magically tread water - standing high.  Its quite a sight and is a sure sight of imminent Spring.

Now if there were just a little nearer (250yds?) then I would get some great images too.


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  1. Great to see it anyway even if a little distant - spring must be on the way!


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