Monday, 20 April 2015

Out and about at last

FOR the first time this spring I was able to get out onto the Somerset Levels thanks to having a personal chauffeur for the day (thanks Steve!).  Having a "forced" incarceration doesn't half make you appreciate the chances when they come along.

New bluetit colouration? No - just pollen from pussy willow
It was a wonderfully day and the early summer migrants were in full song: reed\sedge and willow warblers, chiffchaffs, blackcaps and whitethroats were all in evidence, plus a few swallows and lots of sandmartins swooping after flying bugs.  We heard a few booming bitterns and saw several marsh harriers, but the full complement of migrants is yet to come...something to look forward to.

We enjoyed watching the egret, heron and grebe all hunting amongst the reeds.  There were also some enormous pike making sudden rushes on the fish, causing momentary panic, followed by utter calm.

Singing blackcap

Little egret

A very noisy marsh frog male (left) pursuing a female (right)
Mallards (rear end view)

Great crested grebe competing with pike for a fishy meal
Wading heron


  1. I especially like the heron peeking out of the reeds and the mallards feeding, but all the photos are great.

  2. Thanks Jenny Very kind of you.


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