Monday, 3 August 2015

Little jaunt to Exmoor

WE treated ourselves to a night away on stunning Exmoor NP last weekend, which at this time of year is bright with purple heather and late summer sunshine.  We saw the usual ponies and views and walkers and dogs etc., but the air was so clear and the rolling moors heading off to the sea so...well...scenic, that we were truly glad to have made the effort.

We stayed in The Royal Oak Inn, Withypool - very oldie-worldly, but bustling and comfortable - with great food.  There is no doubt that this is no messing farming country and H-S-Fing are popular pass times, judging by the trophies in the bar.  After an excess of food and drink on Saturday night, we wandered down the road to the stone arched bridge spanning the river, and watched Daubenton's bats skimming over the mirror flat surface hunting insects.

The landscape of Exmoor is generally quite gently rolling, with some high points and occasional deep cut valleys where ancient rivers have cut away the hard rock.  The shallow, fast flowing water of the River Barle looked clear and healthy, and the fly fisherman we came across on our walk seemed to be able to lure the occasional fish to his fly.

We did a valley walk on the Saturday to Landacre bridge and a short skip up to Dunkery Beacon on Sunday followed by a drive around.

Landacre Bridge

From the top of the Beacon
The top
A gate promising new adventures opposite the beacon hill

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