Friday, 29 April 2016

Spring on the Levels

THERE was plenty of interest on the Somerset Levels last weekend, with a cattle egret poking around some cattle (!) and even getting the odd tail swish, great white and little egrets, hundreds of hirundines of all types, the grebes actively going about their spring courting and warblers singing and bitterns booming.  There were also good sightings of quartering marsh harriers and, although I did not see them, lots of snakes around.

Also I could have sworn that I heard the cranes fly over, but as I was in a dense woodland could not get any views...


Record shot of the cattle egret

Great white egret


  1. Love your posts...I think you might be interested in the Somerset Levels pot that was commissioned of the levels. It's on my blog recently. Geraldine Snape.

  2. Thanks Gerry - much appreciated


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