Sunday, 6 June 2010

Glorious June meadows - but hurry...

Early June is definitely a great time to see flower rich, unimproved meadows in all their glory.  In fact in mid-June the scythe is traditionally put to the grass to create hay for winter fodder (straw comes from cereal stems).  Nowadays it is a mechanical scythe, but still the timing does not change.  So hurry and find one locally, if you can, as very few remain unfertilised by modern chemicals (a sure way to destroy all botanical and insect interest!) and those that do exist will be cut soon...

One site that I keep an eye on throughout the year is currently a sea of oxeye daises.  Here are some images from an evening this week, as I peered over the dry stone wall.

 Oxeye daisies

More oxeye daisies


  1. thankyou for all the daisies! I adore daisies so that has made my day.

  2. Really beautiful, and the perfect argument for keeping (and enjoying)what we have!


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