Sunday, 20 June 2010

North Devon - more than just cream teas (Part #2)

As well as exciting rocky shores north Devon also plays host to huge beaches, backed by Sahara scale sand-dunes (...well it feels like the Sarhara when the sun beats down!).

Its all go on the beach - more relaxing on the headland...

Colourful beach scene

The sand dunes are a dynamic environment where specialist and adaptable plants find a foothold.

Towering sand-dunes with grassland scub

The flora is very rich and where the rabbits graze is on quite a small scale.  The dunes therefore rages from bare sand, to beds of orchids and other species, to tall scrub....its a botanist's dream.  Here are some of the plants and insects that are on the more charismatic side:

Lush wildflowers

Southern marsh orchid

Early marsh-orchid

Southern & early marsh orchid

Common blue butterfly

Bird's-foot trefoil

Quaking grass...quaking!

Ribbed melliot

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