Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Winter outing

OUCH its cold!  But the great thing about winter is the birding.

On the Somerset Levels the now famous starling roost is a spectacular event.  Up to 5million birds visit from across Europe, when the flock is at its peak in January.  Last Sunday there were enormous numbers.  This not only attracted the shivering birders, and more casual visitors, but a peregrine.  Funny thing about peregrines - apparently starlings are sh*t scarred of them - not so funny when the flock is directly over head!  Anyway - made good watching.  Unfortunately the mist obscured much of the spectacle, but it was still worth braving the freezing temperatures.

Other highlights were an ice-skating water-rail and a marsh harrier fly by.

Lots of starlings

Heron coasting over starlings in reeds

I did meet nice jolly chaps out there - all the way from Cambridge to look at fog - long way to come really!

One birder particularly struck me as displaying optimism over sense...


At least Noah's hide looked scenic...

Noah's hide

And there was good sunset...

Most incredible of all was Glastonbury Tor sticking out of the mist - quite breath taking.

Frozen lake

The cold weather also attracts the more cautious visitors.  I was very excited to have this chap visit - the photo is through a window and the bird is quite far away....!
Brambling in the garden


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