Saturday, 15 October 2011

The start of the fungi season

Last week we paid a visit to the New Forest in Hampshire, to get away for a day or two.  During our walks around the woodland and heathlands I was particularly on the look out for fungi and deer.  Saw a fair few of the former, but very few of the later unfortunately.  However another important grazer was abundant - the new forest ponies.  They can give you quite a surprise if you are not expecting them.

A rare moment of sunshine

Honey fungus
The wood ants in the forest make some pretty impressive nests:

There's one particular group of fungi that you often smell before you see them - they attract flies to the sticky top where the spores are - this one is called Phallus impudicus...can't think where it gets its name from...?

Last years visit around the same time was a bit sunnier and I found a few more interesting characters:


  1. I have never been, it's on my places to see list. Beautiful!

  2. Homebird - The NF is great - its a bit busy at weekends, but it does not take much to get away from the crowds around the car parks and ice creams vans. Last years was a bit sunnier - here is my entry for that visit:
    P.S. Like your blog - very amusing.

  3. Thanks for sharing the images. Fungi certainly don't run away like the deer tend to!


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