Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Floods and starlings

WHAT a great way to start 2013 - a crisp, sunny day, no work and a drive to the watery world of the Somerset Levels.  As we approached over the hill we both gasped at the sight before us - a acres and acres of standing water still flooding the lower ground of the Levels, where normally you expect open fields.  Many of the roads had become isolated causeways and in some places are inundated and unpassable, unless you have a 4x4 - which I don't.  It made for quite a sight.

We tracked down an area of drier grassland where 100s of lapwings had taken refuge, along with starlings and fieldfares.  Occasionally they took to the air.


But what we had really come to see was the winter staring roost.  This now famous sight is different every time we visit; its very rarely possible to get the great swirls of birds seen on the telly but is always spectacular and exciting.  There were several million individuals and a few hopeful buzzards thinking about having a starling snack.  As the sunset was a rather good one it made the effort to keep out the freezing cold well worth it.

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  1. something about these murmurations just moves of my best was in Berlin earlier this year...stunning though these are thankyou.


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