Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hunt of wild daffodils

THAT title is a bit of a fib, as we knew exactly where there is a healthy, though tiny, population of wild daffs is near us.  So off we went, wrapped up against a cold wind, for our dose of these delicate, little gems.  They are much more dainty than their showy garden cousins, but are stunning within their natural ancient woodland setting.

The site in question is in South Gloucestershire and is a nature reserve; our visits are usually later in spring and tie in with a broader set of flowering species.  At this earlier time the other main attractions were the lesser celandines, scattered primroses, wood spurge, and violets as well as early flowering wood anemones and sorrel.  The rosettes of early purple orchids, with their rounded, red-spotted leaves, were to be seen dotted here and there.

There were no butterflies or reptiles, but some territorial bird song
could be heard from thrushes and the occasional chiff-chaff.


What we did not expect was to see a flowering bluebell - in March!!!

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  1. A perfect early spring day.You are a couple of weeks in front of us here up in Lancashire


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