Saturday, 8 March 2014

Something is a stirring in Somerset

THE wonderful bright sunshine today had a big impact on the wildlife - they were all at it!  The great-crested grebes, the Canada geese and even the goosanders were all kicking off the breeding season with gusto - even the bitterns were booming.  The first peacock butterflies were on the wing, bees and flies buzzed in search of rare pollen, with the lesser celandine, pussy willow and coltsfoot all answering the call.

What a difference from a few weeks ago.  Although the water levels remain noticeably high, they are certainly dropping to the north of the levels.

Great white egret
Goosander (male to right)

Frog's spawn

I also headed up to the Castle Combe area in Wiltshire.  As the light faded a roe deer fed out in the open, but was jittery and soon headed into the woodland.

Roe deer


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