Monday, 4 August 2014

The wonderful Pyrenees in early summer (Day 5 19/06/14)

THE previous day's disappointment was a blessing in disguise, as the 19th was a wonderfully clear day with the occasional cloud to add drama and scenic character.

We headed off to the Pic du Midi again and this time did go up the cable car to the observatory.  From here there is an amazing view of mountains disappearing off into the horizon.  This is the interpretation board:

The views were spectacular, but it helped to have a head for heights...

The mast and telescope housing at the top
Cable car - goes up in two stages - an amazing feat of engineering

Someone else taking pictures

Wonderful high cloud formations

Back down in the valley the griffon vultures were wheeling around seeking thermals and dinner..

Where the snow was still retreating the pyrenean buttercups were flowerings profusely

and very occasionally other plants such as this pyrenean snowbell could be found if one hunted carefully

Lizards were surprisingly frequent even at these altitudes

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