Saturday, 13 June 2015

It's meadow season

It's meadow season, but not for long, as traditionally the grass is cut from mid June when it is its most lush and nutritious.  So get out there, if its not raining, and enjoy them while you can.  As is often stated, 97% have been lost since the war, due to agricultural intensification, so these gems can be few and far between.  But they are worth every ounce of effort to see...

When I visited this small grassland site near Wadswick in Wiltshire, the wind was up so there were no butterflies to speak of, which is a shame.  However the ox-eye daisies, common spotted orchids, quaking grass and occasional pyramidal orchid were wonderful in themselves.

Actually its a bit of a cheat this, as the site is really what's called a permanent pasture, although it is not grazed; it has formed on old ridge and furrow, and is seemingly open common land, but I suspect someone owns it.

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