Sunday, 12 July 2015

Wonderful Scotland 2015 (Day 1)

IF you've never been to north western and northern Scotland, then try at least once whilst you are on this earth.  It's a captivating place - with stunning landscape: lochs, lochans, mountains, rivers and woodland, moors, white sand beaches and some amazing wildlife.  We've been there a few times, staying in a friends (thank you!!) ex-croft holiday house and we love it.

The house is within a Geopark - never heard of such a thing?  - no nor had I until we visited a few years ago, but its well deserved.

Our trip was from Friday 26 June to Saturday 4 July 2015.  The cottage overlooks moorland, mountain tops, a few other houses and has a view down to a bay and the sea.

View from the front door

Day 1 Friday:
Being surrounded by moorland we were, just about always, within earshot of a singing skylark, piercing the sky.  Close by a piping call echoed around the valley; upon investigation I realised that we were in the territory of a haughty pair of golden plovers and they didn't appreciate my presence.

Golden plover

On the first trip out to the Stoer lighthouse just up the road, a curlew called and numerous young wheatears chacked to their parents pestering them for insects.  We also spotted a pair of deer on the horizon watching us - lofty and aloof, but nervous.  The lighthouse's windy clifftop is a great place to spot cetaceans, but this time we only saw fulmars, razorbills, gannets and the occasional skua

On the return journey I spotted a sparrowhawk being chased by some meadow pipits...but then realised that it was a juvenile cuckoo being mercilessly harassed.  I investigated and watched for quite a while as this drama went on literally around me - I had an outstanding view of the cuckoo.

Back to the house for dinner in the warmth of the Rayburn.

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  1. I haven't been up that way for many years but it's on my list for when I retire. Nice to hear of the meadow pipits getting some kind of revenge!


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