Sunday, 7 May 2017

Spring harvest in Somerset

OUR visit to the Somerset Levels reaped rich rewards, with a long list of summer bird ticks and others, including cuckoos, swifts, swallows, hobbies, warblers (reed, white-throat, willow, chiffchaff, garden, blackcap), cattle and great white egrets, bitterns, bt godwits, marsh harriers, plus smooth snakes, (black) adder and grass snake.

One surprise was a predated swift, which we were sure was a victim of a hobby as nothing else could capture one in flight and they would not be on land.  Also we found a discarded clutch of hatched moorhen eggs and another egg not yet identified.

slow worm
white throat
Moorhen eggs

Some record shots:

7 (!) Cattle egrets
Grass snake

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