Saturday, 20 May 2017

Stonking Sunday in Somerset

Last Sunday I had a truly stonking visit to the Somerset Levels - the spring birds were out in force and giving good views - albeit quite distant for most.

Highlights were cuckoos, bitterns, bearded tits, glossy ibis, gw egrets, hobbys, Cetti's and garden warblers, baby tawny owls and a single garganey.  None of these were particularly easy to photograph as they were all distant but I managed to get some record shots.

great white egret

Black-tailed godwits
Cetti's warbler

female bullfinch
Glossy ibis
hobby - in the original you can see the dragonfly in its beak but the bird is very dark
reed warbler
Oh yes - and it rained rocks at one point - but I was safety tucked in a hide thank goodness

Bearded tit with insect in beak

marsh harrier
tawny owletts
reed warblers collecting nesting material
garden warbler singing


  1. A stonking day indeed - any photo of a Cetti's is good in my world; it's hard enough just to catch sight of them!

  2. Indeed - I was not sure of the spp until I saw the photos - Ive tried hard for a long time to get images of this bird

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