Sunday, 18 January 2015

Saturday at RSPB's Greylake reserve

A cold but bright day on the Somerset Levels, more specifically RSPB's Greylake reserve.  Sometimes when out birding you get to speak to some interesting and friendly people, and today was just such a day; we were a collective of expert birders and bloggers: CB, JC and JC - you know who you are!

There were lots of ducks but very few raptors which was a surprise.  Much of the water was frozen over and the birds were gathered into a tight flock, and seemed very skittish.

Before the walk to the hide to see the wildfowl, I put out some seed on the bird tables in the car park and the small birds flocked in - the car made a very good hide.

Female reedbunting

Almost at my feet a couple of water rails were screeching and lurking, but in their usual way were very tricky to photograph.  While I waited, watching out for the rail, a wood mouse (?)  crept out from a hosier stump, grabbed some grass stems and shot back into cover.

A chiff-chaff was hunting amongst the cut stems:

Back at the bird table...

Male reed bunting

I also went on the hunt of the otters - none today but a nice greater spotted woodpecker.

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  1. Lovely pictures Peter. It was a lovely morning, despite the temperatures! :)


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