Saturday, 8 May 2010

Local beauty spot

There's a beautiful georgian manor house near where I work, nestling in a limestone valley with a river.  The valley supports areas of ancient woodland and flower rich grassland.  Here are some of the pictures from a short evening visit:

Green-winged orchids of various colours showing the green veins in the flowers
 Cowslips in the grassland

Orchids scattered acorss the grassland

The local lanes are boardered by high, lush hedge-banks full of ramsoms, cow parsley, greater stitchwort and many other plants.

Bush vetch

Red campion

Red campion

Evening sunlight - this photo has NOT been edited

Ramsoms carpetting a woodland


  1. what a wonderful land we have.

  2. I have yet to find a Green Veined Orchid, but after seeing your blog I will be out again this week to carry on the seach.

  3. Good luck - they are well worth the effort.

    They have a distribution not unlike the nightingale and like an unimproved, open-ish and short sward (as I am sure you know), but need soil not to be too acidic.

    Now seems to be their peak flowering in the SW.


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