Sunday, 9 May 2010

A cold day on the marshes

Today's Somerset Level's visit was a corker...I walked 100yds from the car park, lifted my new bins to test them on a flying heron, and it turned out to be a bittern! The bird showed itself again flying low over the reeds.

Thousands of swifts and some swallows were hawking over the water, obviously finding the insects low down - probably struggling a bit today in the cold and overcast conditions.

A swift

Noah's hide gave me great views of 6+ hobbies and six whimbrels, plus warblers, gc grebes etcs. but I got really cold, so walked back to car to warm up.  I then thought that I would cross road to the next area (Ham Wall RSPB reserve) just in case there was something special around before I went home.

An old guy approached me and asked if I knew the area and what was about...I was able to turn round and point out a marsh harrier being mobbed by crows!  My camera is at its limit here, as are my picture taking skills!

 Marsh harrier

Wandered back and then saw another bittern (had already heard it booming). Walked further along and it rose from the reeds like a phoenix.



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. You live in a great place. There are some wonderful plants I'd like to add to my list down there!

  2. Likewise...

    Yes - we have all sorts of habitats and and relatively mild climate I suppose, so there are opportunities for other spp such as butterflies and dragonflies too, which our more northerly cousins miss out on.


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