Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Early-purple Orchids

SATURDAY morning was the first chance that I have had for a few weeks to get out and hunt down some spring woodland flora.  Most of the specialist woodland species have now gone over, but the early-purple orchids were at their best.  There was a stand of them with dozens of spikes - quite stunning.  It was good to practice taking photos in relatively low light - lesson one being "a tripod is a must", whoops!

So here are my favourites:

Other woodland plants:

Yellow archangel
Bumblebee on bugle


  1. From a distance, the orchids look like hyacinths, but they certainly look different up close. Interesting the pink ones have speckles on the throat, but the yellow has stripes. Good pic. of the bee.

  2. Jenny - I know what you mean. Ironically the bluebells are the relatives of the hyacinths.

    The yellow flower is actually not an orchid, as such, but a crucifer. It is a close relative if the stinging and white dead nettle. Sorry if that was confusing...


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