Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wildlife webcams

I've copied the following webcam links from my website
as they are just getting good at this time of year and well worth a look.

I particularly like the sea-birds and the two peregrine webcams - enjoy!:


  • Nottingham Trent University peregrine falcon webcam - make sure that you double click on the webcam image to see the nest.
  • My Forest Home - a great site with a number of garden wildlife webcams.
  • The RSPB webcams provide snapshots of a number of their bird feeders.
  • Nature Watch - Webcams setup in nest boxes, a bird bath, mealworm feeder and seed feeder, recording all of the action from a regular household garden in Essex.
  • Andrew Coopers site has a number of webcams watching badgers, birds and even a water but all on his Church Farm.

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